A recent research report by Convio & Donordigital reports that that there’s no single set of changes to a donation form – horizontal or vertical gift string, one-column or two-column form field layout – that’s guaranteed to work for every organization.

If that’s the case, what are some best practices you can utilize on your forms to influence conversions on your event’s donations pages?  Based on Event 360’s experience managing the event fundraising donation pages for hundreds of events, 

1. Capitalize on Donor Attention: Donors to events often come to your event’s online donation page with a specific amount in mind. They’ve responded to their friend’s fundraising appeal and are coming to your site to take action. But, this does not mean you do not have the opportunity to influence their decision once they’ve arrived.

2. Donors gravitate towards even, easy numbers. For example, about half of event donors will give either $25 or $50, whether you offer these are pre-set amounts or not. Suggested donation amounts provide an opportunity to move donors away from these common numbers to something slightly higher.

3. Use suggested donation amounts to make donors think BIG. Try suggested donations that are slightly higher than the amounts most commonly used by your donors.

4. Chose an amount that means something. Explain the amount with a tagline message and a direct call to action. For example, $240 could be used to cover five clinical breast exams for women without health insurance.

5. Don’t forget to make the amount reachable. If the ask is too too high donors may reject it and keep their original gift and write in that amount.

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