At last week’s P2P Conference, I spoke with great enthusiasm about the Return to Live Events. (If you can’t tell, we’re excited to get back out there.) During our fast-paced session, we shared our thoughts on the state of the industry, plus trends from non-profit and runner surveys that indicate people are eager to attend live events this year. Spoiler alert: one of the major considerations for people when choosing an event will be the safety protocols and if the event safety is fortified for COVID mitigation.

Fortunately for our team at Event 360, we had the unique ability to create, plan, and pilot a brand-new event in Denver last fall, the 5x5K FOR GOOD, and as an outcome of this innovation and tenacity, we were able to share what we learned with the over 400 attendees. Stay tuned to the end of this blog for details on how to register for our upcoming info session about our 5x5K FOR GOOD series.

Our experienced team of event experts has the skills to create new concepts, but also to help organizations by reviewing their site, operations, and safety plans and recommending and implementing the necessary changes and updates that will result in a COVID safety-compliant P2P event.

How? We start by going back to the basics and adjusting certain factors of the event: time, space, and volume. We shared the knowledge we gained over the past year with the non-profit professionals who need smart, strategic logistics to transition from virtual to live in 2021 or 2022. We hope the audience walked away with some hope for the upcoming P2P season and tips to take back to their teams.

We also heard many organizations say they will be staying virtual for the 2021 season. But that doesn’t mean this year won’t need to transition to a more fully immersive hybrid experience. The same virtual program that organizations used for their signature series last year may not be as impressive this season, and one great takeaway from the conference was hearing about all of the great technology organizations are using.

Our team highlighted one of these amazing technologies during the annual P2P Run FOR GOOD. We used the Charge Running app to power our LIVE virtual 5K and our non-profit attendees got to experience for themselves how a live broadcast with music, messaging, and interactive chat and photo features can turn a virtual event into an immersive LIVE virtual experience and we hope this elevated experience inspires our Run FOR GOOD attendees to bring some live elements to their virtual events.

Finally, we’re thrilled by the response we’ve received to our 5x5K FOR GOOD charity partner program. So many organizations have reached out to become involved in the 5x5K as a no-cost way to reach new audiences, engage their existing base, and generate funds. It’s the perfect program to add to the 2021 mix for organizations who want to “test” a live concept and exciting challenge without having to build an event from the ground up.

We’re still accepting charity partners for the 5x5K FOR GOOD in Dallas in May, in Denver this fall, and possibly additional markets, so if you’re interested, don’t wait. Register to join us for a charity partner info session on Thursday, March 18 at 12:00 central or contact us today.

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