By Abbie Peterson

Last month we brought you the “official” astrological rulings of Which event item are you? on our Event 360 Instagram page. We’ve once again listened to the stars to bring you our next installment…Your Event Personality Based on Your Zodiac Sign! We hope you enjoy these completely real (and not at all satirical) findings! 


Truly the fieriest of fire signs. You have no problem waking up and immediately heading out to get event day started. Need to unload boxes? You’re competitive and will unload the most. Need signage hung from 15 ft in the air? Bring it on! You’re a natural thrill-seeker looking for any task that challenges you. Your energy and fearlessness are two qualities that make you one hell of an event professional! 


You, Taurus, thrive on having a moment of calm before the storm of event day. Before heading to the site, you make sure to complete your full 10-step skincare routine because self-care is important! On site, your stability and practicality bring an air of calmness that is much needed when rushing to get everything done before the first attendees arrive.   


A clever and adaptable sign, you excel at problem-solving when issues arise! Tent company brought the wrong type of tent? No problem, you have five different ways to hang signage. Volunteers didn’t show up? You know how to do all jobs with ease. The night before event day you’re thinking through plans A, B and C to be ready for whatever’s thrown your way.  


Swoon! You, Cancer, are a charming sign with an epic sense of humor that puts the event staff at ease. You expect surprises and know your creativity can get you out of any dilemma. The night before event day you’re practicing your stand-up routine and getting ready to knock everyone off their feet with laughter.  


A natural-born leader, your confidence and unwavering determination are happily received on any event. No matter what, you step up to the plate! The night before event day you’re relaxing in your hotel room because you already memorized the timeline and all vendor contact information. Is there a new event pro working on event? You take them under your wing and show them the ropes! 


In the words of a Virgo, “I’ll just do it myself!” You LOVE being in charge, organizing timelines, and prepping materials and staff roles for event weekend. The night before event day, you’re still at the site adding finishing touches. You will also be the first on-site event morning so you can direct others as they arrive. Your work ethic and attention to detail make for a flawless event.  


You make friends everywhere you go! The night before event day, you’re checking in with everyone to make sure they feel good about tomorrow and they have everything they may need. You make staff, volunteers and participants feel welcome. You tend to avoid conflict, so you make sure all parties feel heard when tension arises.  


Although you’re commonly mistaken for a fire sign due to your competitive nature, your sharp and rational mind keeps you grounded. You excel in planning challenging endurance events and others that require quite a bit of adrenaline. The night before event day you’re creating your plan of attack for when 4:00 am hits and you’re on your way to the site.  


Turns out you’re exactly who Kelly Clarkson had in mind when she sang “Miss Independent.” You love to stay active and are up for all adventures that come with being an event professional, even if you like to complete them all on your own. The night before event day, you’re hitting the gym (by yourself!) to get in some “me” time before regrouping with everyone in the morning.  


In the mind of a Capricorn, you are your own worst enemy! This reliable, trustworthy sign often doubts themselves and their decisions. Stop that! Your disciplined nature proves that you work carefully, avoiding mistakes at all costs. You know exactly what it takes to be an event professional, and you do it well. The night before an event, you’re making sure your team knows you’re available for any last-minute issues and double checking your event bag for the morning! 


Another introverted sign, you tend to get lost inside your intellectual mind. However introverted, you have no problem stepping in to take charge when needed. Confidence is never lacking with you, Aquarius. Need someone to run registration? You sign right up. The night before event day, you’re getting out some of your creative energy by brainstorming signage designs for next year. Never too early to start!  


A true social butterfly, Pisces have never met a true stranger in their life. The night before event day, you’re out to dinner with staff or chilling in the hotel lobby chatting it up with everyone you meet. Taking advantage of seeing new places and meeting new people! On event day your laidback attitude creates a stress-free environment, so everything goes off without a hitch.  

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