By Erin Kirchhoff

Whether you’ve resolved to eat better, go to the gym more, save more from each paycheck, travel more, spend more time with your family… or you didn’t set any resolutions at all… we hope you’ve taken some time to reflect on what worked well in 2017, and what you hope will materialize in 2018.

I love to look at a new year as a clean slate. It’s full of possibility and I like to think that I enter each new year with the resolve to be just a little better and do a little better than I did the year before. No solid resolutions for this gal. But a mindset that I’m going to improve my life, my work, my world.

Take finances. I consider myself pretty money savvy and love scoring high on those online personal finance quizzes you can take. Based on those, I’m in a good position for my retirement in another 30+ years, I have a healthy income-to-debt ratio, and my credit cards hate me because I pay them off in full every month… after snagging all the cash-back bonuses they offer. But my spending. Man! My spending. I love stuff way too much. So, when I came across a recent article in the New York times from bestselling-author Ann Patchett, I was inspired. And I laid out my own rules for a year of no spending.

We’re only ten days into the new year, but I already feel empowered and satisfied with the small changes I’ve made to be just a little better than last year with spending and saving. What do you have planned for 2018 to improve your life, your work, your world?


Erin Kirchhoff is a Senior Manager at Event 360 and has recently joined the consumer marketing team. She’s learning to apply her previous work as a brand manager to her new role, where she develops and implements digital marketing strategies, writes content for social media, and creates easy-to-understand ROI reports. She has extensive experience with brand management and communications, having worked in both marketing and corporate communications for a FORTUNE 500® company prior to joining the Event 360 team 14 years ago. View her LinkedIn profile here.

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