The next interview in our 7 Series participated in her first endurance cycling event for charity over 13 years ago, and has worked in special events fundraising ever since.  Meet Laurie.

My name is: Laurie Schaecher

My online profile(s) of choice can be found at: Linkedin

The abc’s about me:

  • Currently Director of Analysis for Event 360.
  • Signing up for a fundraising bike ride led to my career.  I registered for a 7 day, 500 mile ride to raise money for AIDS services when I was trying to figure out what to do next.  I quickly realized THIS was what I wanted to do next!
  • I can bake an unforgettable chocolate chip cookie.

My take on Fundraising & Marketing: There is no substitute for a simple, direct ask.  The tools used to fundraise have changed dramatically and it seems easy to get your message in front of large numbers of people.  However, I still believe the greatest success comes from reaching out to someone personally, sharing why your cause is important and showing someone how they can help.  This is the power of event fundraising – enlisting your core supporters to make this personal ask on your behalf.  It’s the best social networking there is!

What’s good: Online registration and fundraising tools in the event arena have made it much easier to collect data from your participants and donors.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about your event, your constituents and how well your messaging resonates.  Make sure your online forms are asking questions that help you learn more about your supporters.

What’s bad: Not bringing fundraising event participants into your overall development plan.  They need more than email blasts – treat them like donors.

What’s next: Continued emphasis on data collection and analysis will lead to better benchmarks in event fundraising.

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