We all have something that we can’t bear to part with. A pair of acid-washed jeans from college that haven’t fit for a decade, or a cassette tape of Madonna’s True Blue that is useless because you only own a cd player. While nostalgia is natural and even good in our personal lives it can be an expensive mistake to make in event fundraising.

Do you have any programs that are still around because “it’s always been that way?” Think through your fundraising initiatives, on-event elements, and communication with participants and donors. Can you identify any programs that are grandfathered into the budget each year?  Do they need to be refreshed or even abandoned?

Here are two practical questions to ask:

1.       What is the purpose of the program? Does it add real value?

2.       What is the return on investment? Is it in line with your other programs and initiatives?

If the answer to either question is no then dig a little deeper. Could the program be successful with a few tweaks or is it as useless as goldfish in a platform shoe? If it’s that latter LET IT GO. Put your resources toward a program that already yields a high ROI or invest in a new initiative that will excite and engage your participants.

And while you’re on a roll, grab those jeans and take them to the thrift store. It really is time to let go.

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