Go Digital! Get Social!

Event marketing has traditionally been sporadic, short-term, and short-lived.  But the growth of digital marketing and social media now allows event organizers to keep the conversation going year round, giving them time to build an army of brand ambassadors, attendees and valuable content creators. Digital marketing allows you to reach……

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Encouraging Your Staff to be Social Media Savvy

Most of us spend our days constantly connected, juggling text messages, emails, phone calls and social media. Every day, billions of people log on to social media to share snippets of their lives. When the divide between work life and home life has been merged, supporting your staff to make……

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The 5 W’s of Event Marketing

By Jim Hennessey and Katie Zupancic Wymer As event marketing professionals, we are constantly evaluating and reevaluating the who, where, why, what, and when of our events. On this quick journey through our event marketing funnel, we’ll explore the best ways to target, locate, reach, inspire, and convert listeners into……

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