Barking at Cats

When I was in college, a children’s literature professor taught me a phrase that has stuck with me whenever I’m trying to write. She said, “You don’t bark at a cat.” What she meant was: Keep your audience in mind when you’re writing. In the context of the course I……

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Keeping Your Website Relevant for Your Participants

With the vast array of social media sites and technological innovations changing daily, people are getting used to having up-to-date, useful information at their fingertips. Even non-techies are getting comfortable throwing around terms like “user interface” when commenting on how they experience a website. How’s an organization supposed to keep……

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Are you an event marketing enforcer?

What type of online marketer are you? According to a new research study by Forrester Consulting, interactive marketers can be categorized into four segments: Marketing enforcer. This type of interactive marketer focuses on campaign process efficiency and effectiveness. The directive for this marketer… Read More

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8 Nonprofit Marketing Myths

I’m currently reading Marketing Transformation: Nonprofit CMOs Call for a Transformation of Marketing, compiled by 18 thought leaders in nonprofit marketing. This new white paper from The American Marketing Association Foundation’s outlines some of the most common myths and misperceptions about nonprofit marketing. The full report is sponsored by…

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Expanding the Thought Leadership of Your Blog

A “nonprofit thought leader” is basically a trendy label that refers to “an organization that is recognized for having ideas, programs, services or research that are valuable.” For example, Malaria No More is considered by many to be a thought leader, because they were one of the first nonprofits applying……

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Inbound Marketing Your Fundraising Event

You’ve done your homework and established that there’s a business case to launch a new run, walk or ride fundraising event for your nonprofit.  You’ve identified your target audience, you’ve developed a positioning statement that clearly articulates the position you want your event to occupy in the target audience’s mind,……

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