Our Favorite Tech Tools

Written by Erin Van Ness Here at Event 360, we have a crack team of coding ninjas that are somehow able to drop-kick their way into making the impossible possible. But you don’t have to be a sensei to make good use of today’s available technology. Here are some of……

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More Lessons Learned in 2014

On Tuesday we shared lessons learned from four of my Event 360 colleagues. Today I’m sharing one more from David Jordan, our Director of Information Services. What David shared is a lesson learned that, at one point or another, we all find ourselves having to learn. Maybe not directly,…

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Event Fundraising Checklist: IT Services

Finally, the last component of our event fundraising check list is the technical side of developing an IT Strategy. Event management and production include all the activities that happen offline, but much of your donor and participant communication happens online. An effective IT strategy assures that the online portion…

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