AFP Conference LogoOn the time well spent front, I took the opportunity last month to attend the Association of Fundraising Professionals 16th Annual Midwest Conference on Philanthropy in Chicago. (Event 360 is an Executive Circle member of the AFP). The event focused on “The Business of Fundraising Vision, Accountability & Impact,” and featured fundraising professional tips from a variety of presenters.

Of particular interest was the keynote speaker, consultant and author Jason Saul. Founder and CEO of Mission Measurement LLC, “a strategy consulting firm that helps corporations, nonprofits and public sector clients to measure and improve their social impact,” Saul is the author of “The End of Fundraising: Raising More Money by Selling Your Impact.”

His presentation focused on thinking outside the box when it comes to identifying donor audiences. The premise of his address was that NPOs can build more certainty into the fundraising process by approaching sets of people who are directly tied to the outcomes of their work. While this idea might seem to be second nature, Saul points out that far too much activity focuses on less- and even indirect beneficiaries, wasting valuable fundraising time and resources.

Have you made recent efforts to enhance donor targeting? What criteria did you use? How much did you consider the idea of who directly benefits from your work?

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