This feels different.

Today I should be packing my suitcase with conference-appropriate heels. Today I should be having my annual internal debate on what to wear when it is 80 degrees outside but freezing in a conference room. Today I should be placing my rush business card order because I forgot to print more cards. Today I should be packing my running shoes for the Run FOR GOOD.

This feels different.

After a year spent processing lots of “This feels different” moments, I realized the 2020 Peer-to-Peer Conference was my last “normal” activity before the entire world changed. Last year’s conference was the last time I shook hands with a stranger, high fived a client, hugged a coworker, or gathered indoors with a large group towards a common goal.

It was also the last time I ran with other people.

There’s something about gathering with other conference attendees for the Run FOR GOOD—strangers and friends—first thing in the morning before sessions begin, taking off together to explore a new city and breathing in the fresh, crisp air. For me, that “with other people” is so important. I love feeling the energy that each person brings to the Run FOR GOOD. I live for the shared experiences like seeing dolphins in Miami, enjoying a beignet in New Orleans, and overcoming obstacles (like my lack of training) together. It’s no surprise, as I’m an events person—and for me, the annual Run FOR GOOD at P2PForum is a movement of people who are doing GOOD for their organizations, together.

And while we have to be “together, apart”, I’m so excited that this movement of DO GOODERS will continue. On Tuesday, we’ll don our Run FOR GOOD shirts from Leslie Jordan, lace up our running shoes, walk out our own front doors, and log into the Charge Running app. “Together, apart”, we’ll run together and DO GOOD.

So while this feels different, this and every single challenge that has happened since we gathered together last year also feel like opportunities. We can still come together for a short, live kick-off through the Charge Running app, engage together in the chat as we’re exploring our own neighborhoods, share photos to qualify for prizes, and have that collective running experience that we all crave. We’re most proud of the impact to be made from our two grand prizes, a $1,000 donation to a non-profit organization from Event 360 and a free Virtual 5K Charge for a Cause  to be implemented for an organization, powered by Charge Running.

Different is an opportunity.

We’ll see you at 9am ET / 8am CT / 7am MT / 6am PT on Tuesday, March 2nd, at our live, private run in the Charge Running app.

  • If you signed up during registration, we’ll send you an email tomorrow with all the details you need to join us.
  • If you forgot to check the Run FOR GOOD box when you signed up for #P2PForum21, send us a note at, and we’ll send you the info.

Katie Zupancic Wymer

Katie Zupancic Wymer brings a strategic vision to event marketing and recruitment with a focus on peer-to-peer fundraising events. Through digital and traditional marketing strategies, she focuses on maximizing new participant acquisition and increasing returning participant retention for our partners.

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