On March 1–3, our team at Event 360 will be joining non-profit professionals and P2P experts from across the country for this year’s P2PForum21: Rebuilding the Future.

For many on our team, last year’s P2P Conference in Austin was our last time on a plane. Looking back, it was the week of the conference when we began to hear rumblings of COVID-19. Our team member, Patrick Riley, posted the first thread in the conference chat asking, “So how do you think COVID-19 might affect this year’s events?” We had no idea what was coming, but by the time we hit the Austin airport to catch our flights home, we began to notice an uptick in masked passengers and anxious travelers, and we’ve been grounded ever since.

So, needless to say, we’re excited to connect with our clients, past partners, and friends from across the industry, even if it is virtual!

Here are some of the program sessions we’re looking forward to at this year’s P2PForum21:

All things virtual. From influencer-driven fundraising programs to augmented reality, the P2PForum21 program is full of sessions that dive deep into non-traditional P2P fundraising programs that took a giant leap forward in the absence of live events. We look forward to being inspired by these technology-driven program overviews.

The Top 30. Now more than ever, this popular session is sure to be one not to miss. The effect the past year has had on our industry is like nothing we’ve ever seen, but we look forward to the insights and findings from the top P2P programs to shed some light on where we were in 2020, and how those results compare to years past. The first step to moving forward is understanding the state of our industry.

Industry Summits. We look forward to industry summit sessions every year, but we’re especially interested in the instant polls that will take place in each session. After examining the Top 30 results that show what happened in 2020, the instant polls are a unique opportunity for this large gathering of P2P professionals to provide some insight into where we’re going. I think we’re all eager to hear from our peers about which event series will stay virtual, experiment with hybrid, or take that first step towards returning to live events.

P2PForum21 Virtual Run FOR GOOD. Every year, the Event 360 team laces up our sneakers, rolls out of bed early, and joins 50 or so fellow P2P professionals for a running tour of whatever city we’re in—and it’s the highlight of our week. There’s no better escape from chilly conference rooms and dry hotel air than a beautiful morning tour of cities like Miami (remember when we saw dolphins?), New Orleans (raise your hand if you stopped for beignets), or Austin (one of our best sunrises yet).

This year, on the morning of Day 2, our traditional Run FOR GOOD goes virtual—and while we can’t be together, it’s the perfect way to escape your home office and join over 100 fellow P2P professionals for a shared morning run or walk. We’ve got commemorative shirts courtesy of Leslie Jordan, Inc., and a LIVE broadcast powered by Charge Running where we’ll have an upbeat playlist to get you moving. You can check out more info here. There will be lots of fun prizes for everyone who attends, so you don’t want to miss out.

We look forward to “seeing” you all in March and hearing from all of our friends about the state of our industry, and how we move forward together.

Jillian Schranz

Jillian has worn many hats at Event 360 in the past 15 years – from fundraising coach to project manager, to event IT support. She knows our work and our team inside and out. In her current role as Director of Business Development, she can perfectly partner our clients with the services they need and ensure our team delivers flawless event experiences that yield happy participants and stellar results.

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