We are thrilled to share that we are one week away from event day. Event day. EVENT DAY. Something we were not sure would ever get to happen in 2020.

Our hearts and minds are racing with the adrenaline that only a live, in-person event can bring.

In this “new era” of live events, hand sanitizer and extra masks now accompany extra zip ties and Chapstick in our event day pack. We will replace the hugs, high fives, and handshakes that typically accompany our interactions with participants with elbow bumps. The smiles and emotion the event morning thrill brings may be outwardly shielded by masks, but our team is ecstatic to once again create the experience that can only be felt by gathering together in a collective effort to make the world a better place.

Event day will look a lot different – instead of a single, shared experience with thousands, we are working hard to create personal moments of impact so that participants can be part of an in-person movement – but safely.

The 5x5K FOR GOOD Denver is a new kind of challenge – both for our organization to execute but also for runners and walkers to participate in. We cannot wait to unpack all we have learned in bringing this new concept to life. Like we mentioned when we announced the 5x5K, “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

This innovation resulted in 3 pillars for “a new era of events,” and we could not be prouder. We’re not just talking about it. We’re doing it.

Expand your traditional in-person event concepts and processes.

  • New concept: Five 5K courses across Denver to be completed in any order during a 24-hour period
  • New check-in: Mobile phone check-in and check-out of courses – no check-in lines
  • New rules: Capacity restrictions at the start/finish lines and on the courses

Take staff and participant safety to the next level.

  • New standard of clean: Frequent sanitizing of start/finish line area
  • New staff precautions: Temperature checks and COVID-19 questionnaires for staff members
  • New participant precautions: Participants must wear a face covering in the start/finish area and stay 6 feet away from other participants, unless they are members of the same household

Break down traditional communication plans and barriers.

  • New communication plans: Turn-by-turn course directions provided directly to the participant’s phone via app
  • New registration rules: Online registration only – no onsite registration

Once the final truss has been lowered, we will be ready to share everything we learned through the entire process. Until then, thanks for your continued support through an unprecedented year.


Katie Zupancic Wymer (LinkedInTwitter) is the Senior Manager, Digital Marketing at Event 360. She manages digital marketing strategy, social media strategy, and sponsorship. Katie enjoys exploring the Bold North of Minnesota with her tiny dogs, Annie and Charlie, and taking part in her newest hobby, curling.


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