In 2009 Americans sent 4.1 billion texts, about 14 texts per person per day.  Just one year later, The American Red Cross was able to harness the ubiquity of mobile communication to have the most successful nonprofit text message campaign in history.

The American Red Cross partnered with the text message vendor Mobile Accord for their mGive platform to lauch the “Text for Haiti” campaign.  4.1 million texts were sent in the Relief in Haiti effort, which raised more than $41 million.

The mGive platform itself is virtually turnkey.  Once you register your organization the mGive platform will take care of sending confirmation text messages to individual donors, oversee tax receipts, and even aggregate the carrier payments.  Their goal is to make a social impact through the use of mobile devices, and they have become very good at doing just that.

The cost is negligible, comparable to the transaction fee on an average credit card, and many 501(c)(3) organizations can apply to have the fee waved.

Mobile contributions reduce the time it takes for a donor to participate, increasing the likelihood of a donor conversion.  Adding an mGive mobile donation option to your fundraiser walks or other forms of special events fundraising will further automate how your fundraisers can raise money.

mGive and other innovating forms of nonprofit fundraising are exactly the type of trend that Event 360 watches for in the fundraising management marketplace.  Our goal is to position our clients on the cutting edge and to continue to offer them new opportunities to improve their fundraising organizations by applying proven techniques in tandem with new technologies.  Let our experts work with you as you seek to make the most of your fundraising resources and take your organization to new heights.

See our beginner’s guide to mobile giving for more information on how to get started.

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