The March of Dimes’ March for Babies is a 30-year event fundraising program that raises funds to enable support of babies born prematurely, some of the most vulnerable hospital patients. Designed to be a vessel for hope, March for Babies is held annually in more than 900 different communities and boasts a prior participant list of more than 7 million. Money raised during these events is used to fund research initiatives that work to give babies a healthy start in life.

Each year, more than half a million babies are born prematurely in the United States. The March of Dimes has taken on the mission of offering hope and support for the families facing a long and difficult road to survival and health. Throughout its history, the March of Dimes has had a targeted and consistent message. Through the use of targeted communication, passion for the cause, and impressive implementation of fundraising efforts, the March for Babies campaign creates a highly effective value proposition for its donors and participants.

The March of Dimes offers a two-fold benefit to participants; making them feel like an integral part of something larger and, in turn, giving them a voice when they are unable to fight for themselves. The March of Dimes has long stood as their dedicated champion, giving families a window to the public and hope for their cause. Additionally, the organization has created a system in which each individual participant feels as if they are part of the greater good. In too many groups, a barrier to participation is that small individual contributions are perceived as having limited effect on the cause as a whole. By offering recognition at a local level and global level, the March of Dimes allows participants to gain perspective into the larger picture and see the effect of their donations. One way the organization has done this is through the National Ambassador Program, an annual campaign that features a child who was saved by March of Dimes research, programs, or educational campaigns designed to improve infant health.

The primary focus of each March for Babies is to raise both support and awareness at the community level. By educating the general public to the need at hand, March for Babies is able to shed light on a highly vulnerable patient group that had long been largely ignored. They have also created a cycle of giving that starts with the families they help and continues on through the children themselves. This helps to secure vital short-term funds while also building its long-term donor pool.

The March of Dimes has leveraged its long-standing fundraising initiatives while also creating a sense of greater community among donors across the country. Through continual success and reflection on the process, March of Dimes has been able to raise more than $2 billion dollars since the first event was held in 1970. This level of success is remarkable and proves dedication to ongoing improvement. The March of Dimes is an excellent model for other organizations due to the long-term success it has enjoyed and the level of inclusion it has been able to maintain for its participants.

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