Please tell me I’m not alone in feeling sluggish as I start my first work week back of the New Year. I’m not alone, right? While I, like many of you, from what I hear, spent much of my winter break sick, I still managed to have 12 glorious days away from work. It was a wonderful break from conference calls, emails and sitting at my computer for much of my day.

But now that I’m back to it, I can’t help thinking of resolutions, changes and improvements. After all, isn’t that what the start of a fresh New Year is all about? As you stare out onto the blank canvas of 2015, and before you go changing up everything, consider these three tips:

1. Not everything needs to be changed. I know it’s a time of new beginnings. And there may be all sorts of things you want to update―obstacles, t-shirts, vendors, sites, etc. Pause before you do this. Consider your wins from the previous year. Think about what went well. In your post-event survey comments, what did you get raves about? Hang your hat on these things and use them as your starting off point.

2. Establish opportunities for growth. Remember that one time on event last year where you looked at a co-worker lovingly and thought ‟I could never do that job”? Or when you passed off a project to your smarter co-worker because you didn’t think you could do it? What about when you didn’t chime in with that idea you had because you hadn’t fully formed it? Or that class/webinar/event you wanted to attend, but you let pass by? Well these are the exact opportunities you should run into head first this year. You’re in the driver’s seat of your growth and learning so make this the year you say yes more than you say no.

3. Hold yourself accountable. Enlist help from those around you. Tell people what you want to do or work on so they can help you reach these goals or make the changes. Share your ideas on team calls or at team meetings. And, make sure you have regular points in which you’re checking in on your progress. It’s so easy to establish goals or share ideas, but it’s just as easy to let them hang out there without any forward movement. Don’t get to the end of 2015 wishing you had been more disciplined.

We hope these three easy tips help you find a manageable way to embrace the change you wish to see in yourself.

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