Partnering with non-profits to create a platform for fundraising is what it’s all about for us at Event 360! In our Fundraising Hero’s blogs, we will highlight a few incredible humans we get to know through our events, share their stories and applaud their achievements. This is the magic that makes our hearts swell with pride and keeps us motivated!


Name: Billy Dishuk
Event: American Heart Association Heart Walk
Years of Participation: 7
Team Name: Room 500 Walks!


  1. What is your reason for participating in the Heart Walk? I joined the Heart Walk because there is heart disease on both sides of my family. I had already taken positive steps like quitting smoking and joining the YMCA to get my health on track. When I realized that I could help others on the same journey that I was on I knew I could make a difference! I started on blood pressure and cholesterol meds at age 33 and was told I would have to continue to watch these numbers.
  2. How did it feel to be involved in the Heart Walk? You know that shiver on the back of your neck when something really amazing is happening? That feeling of actually making a difference is SO amazing.
  3. How did you approach your fundraising? I am never afraid to ask for money for a good cause. I used the old theory about the most popular person in school going to the school dance. Everyone assumes they already have a date, but often they are home alone without a date!  I asked the CEO, CFO and every one of the vice presidents at my company and I raised a lot of money and met a ton of really cool people!
  4. What surprised you most about your experience? The stories. People would talk about family members with heart disease or stroke and how they turned their lives around and were now healthy, strong and living their best life.
  5. What would you like others to know about the Heart Walk? The money that is raised funds research into new ways to fight heart disease and stroke. It also is used to teach CPR, healthy meal prep, exercise programs and so much more. One in two people will be affected either directly or indirectly, so get up and start doing something. You could end up saving the life of your grandmother, your best friend, or anyone!
  6. What 3 words encapsulate the Heart Walk for you? Possibilities, Generosity, Hope.
  7. What is your vision for next year’s Heart Walk? Rush had over 1,100 walkers this year. I am shooting for 1,250 MINIMUM in 2020!

Thank you, Billy! For bringing your light, enthusiasm and passion to the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk! You are making a positive impact in the world. See you out there again this year!


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