As autumn looms, we’re getting ready for the rush of events, holidays, and celebrations that take place during the fall. While more well-known ones, like Hispanic Heritage Month or Thanksgiving, may take center stage, we’d like to highlight an observance of equal importance that also occurs this season. September is National Recovery Month, which, since 1989, has highlighted the importance of supporting individuals who are on the journey to recovery from substance use disorders. One organization that stands at the forefront of this movement is Shatterproof, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the addiction treatment system in the United States. They’ve also been one of our incredible clients since 2017.  

Today in America, addiction touches the lives of 1 in 3 households, and Shatterproof works every day to end the devastation that addiction causes families. They’re determined to improve the addiction treatment system, change the conversation surrounding addiction, and provide support for individuals and their families affected by this crisis. We are all parts of a larger whole, so as long as one of us suffers, we all suffer. That’s exactly why the importance of this critical work cannot be understated, and we are so honored to partner with them on their mission. 

One of the most pressing issues highlighted by Shatterproof is the treatment gap that plagues our society. Only 1 in 10 individuals with a substance use disorder receive the treatment they need in the United States. And not only is access to care a barrier for many, quality of care matters deeply. Less than 20% of American addiction treatment programs are grounded in scientific evidence, which oftentimes lead to more negative patient outcomes. By championing evidence-based practices, Shatterproof contributes significantly to better outcomes in recovery and helps guide individuals toward effective treatment. Beyond the numbers, the individuals and families affected by this disease are in need of knowledge and resources, two things which Shatterproof plays an integral role in supplying. But the consequences of addiction extend beyond the personal and emotional realms. 

For the past decade, Shatterproof’s work has reminded us that addiction extracts a heavy economic burden on the nation, amounting to over $600 billion annually. This colossal figure encompasses healthcare expenses, the costs of the criminal justice system, and the productivity lost to addiction. We know that, across all fronts, substance abuse takes a major societal toll, and this serves as a stark reminder of the urgency to find effective, cutting-edge solutions to this complex epidemic. As National Recovery Month comes to an end, Shatterproof will continue to stand as a beacon of hope, working tirelessly to shatter the stigma surrounding addiction. In educating medical professionals, improving payment and coverage, supporting policy changes, and producing fundraising events, the organization is responsible for real change that impacts real people. Thanks to Shatterproof’s meaningful dedication and tireless advocacy, our society can usher in a brighter future for those on the path to recovery.  


For more information on Shatterproof and to get involved, click here.  

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