With the reemergence and reinvention of live events, we are ready to provide our non-profit partners with our innovative 360-degree perspective on how to elevate peer-to-peer fundraising programs. We are very excited and proud to introduce: 360live+. Our new 360live+ suite of offerings seamlessly combines Event 360’s innovation expertise and operational know-how to create a more engaging experience and better fundraising outcomes for our clients. Our 360-degree perspective is at the forefront of current innovations and trends including frictionless interactions, hybrid tech platforms, and community engagement strategies, while also helping organizations navigate the ever-changing landscape of peer-to-peer events.

360live+ includes four packages of services leveraging our peer-to-peer expertise:

  • 360safety+
    With safety continuing to be a top priority for peer-to-peer events, our team is here to ensure participants stay safe and healthy. Our team has the know-how to provide a comprehensive safety audit, revise protocol, create focused strategies and systems that lower risk, enable contactless transactions, and enhance safety measures.
  • 360engage+
    We can refresh and enhance peer-to-peer participant experiences by incorporating new elements into an organization’s engagement strategies. We work with nonprofits to create immersive experiences for participants, including community engagement, fundraising and recruitment challenges, and event programming. Our goal is to increase a participant’s lifetime value, connect them to your mission, raise fundraising performance, and re-introduce them to live events.
  • 360comms+
    The rapid growth of technology and constant changes to communication channels can be difficult to navigate without the right expertise. Our communication strategies will improve all points of contact with supporters, including communication flow, technology onboarding, and engagement platform adoption, and will enhance the customer experience. We work to help reduce participant frustration and increase participant satisfaction.
  • 360teams+
    As we enter 2022, employee shortfalls are persisting. We solve staffing needs by augmenting internal nonprofit teams with our event experts. From event operations, health and safety, marketing, communications, designers, writers, and strategists, our Event 360 team has a wealth of experience that we are excited to dedicate to peer-to-peer programs across the country!

Check back throughout the month of January and February to see how we have put 360live+ into action for our clients.

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