In the glow of festive lights, we stand, 

Reflecting on a year so grand. 

Challenges faced, innovation in play, 

2023’s lessons guiding our way. 


Event 360, big and bright, 

With people, our strength, our shining light. 

Nonprofit fundraising events, our noble quest, 

A professional journey, truly blessed. 


Clients, partners, each participant, 

Together in moments, pure and brilliant. 

Mission-driven hearts, united in cause, 

Event production professionals, stand for applause. 


From the trials, resilience we drew, 

Creative minds, problem-solving crew. 

In the peer-to-peer fundraising event industry’s embrace, 

We’ve grown as leaders, setting the pace. 


The holiday season now in view, 

A time to cherish, to thank each of you. 

The nonprofit spirit is a beacon bright, 

Guiding us through day and night. 


With gratitude deep and joy untold, 

2024 awaits, its tales unfold. 

We hope for fun, safety and memories galore, 

In the new year, let’s create even more. 


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 

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