In our weekly round-up of the nonprofit fundraising blogs we read, here are the 6 blog posts that you should have read but (maybe) didn’t:

  1. The Far Edge of Promise: Blogger Jason McNeal has two must-read posts on how to prepare to make the “ask” and why you need a better case statement.
  2. UK Fundraising: Our friends across the pond share their tips for getting the best out of, and for, marathon fundraisers.
  3. For Impact: Nick Fellers thinks it’s incongruent that you’re not with top funders to your cause.
  4. Marketing for Nonprofits: Jocelyn Harmon on why Guilt and Shame are BAD for Fundraising.
  5. Future Fundraising Now: George Crankovic on why checklists keep us on track.
  6. Rally the Cause: Scott Hendorson on Stripping Away the Facade of CSR.

Have a great weekend!

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