Successfully using events to raise money, awareness and advocates is predicated on the assumption that someone will actually attend your event. As we have all learned the hard way–attendance is not guaranteed. And so in order to make any impact with our work, we need to understand what drives people to participate in fundraising events.

At Event 360, we use a five-point model to describe event participation. By understanding these drivers and applying them throughout event concept development, planning and execution, you can improve the likelihood that your fundraising events attract, engage and retain the people you need to in order to fundraise effectively.

Click the image below to see a larger version of this infographic. 

  Click here to see a larger version of this infographic.

Tweets and Takeaways

  • $1.56 billion was raised for nonprofits in 2010, up from$28.1 million in 2009. Click to tweet.
  • 11.3 million people participated in nonprofit events, compared to 250,000+ in 2009. Click to tweet.
  • 36,968 non-profits held events with or staged by participants in 2010. Click to tweet.
  • Loyalty to a nonprofit and its community is a strong participant driver. Click to tweet.
  • Many people engage in your nonprofit event because they are driven by its cause. Click to tweet.
  • Some people participate in your event because their friends, family or other close ones are participating, too. Click to tweet.
  • Sometimes people participate in your nonprofit’s event simply because they like your activity. Click to tweet.
  • A third-party may be the driving factor behind a supporter’s decision to participate in your event. Click to tweet.

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