Today, our Teammate Spotlight showcases the life and mind of Tracy Greco! Don’t forget to follow along as Tracy takes over the Event 360 Instagram channel tomorrow for a day in her life.  

Name: Tracy Greco 

Position: Event Production Coordinator  

Start Year: 2022 

What job did you hold right before you came to work at Event 360?  

I was a fitness studio manager and fitness instructor.  

Was there anything in particular that brought you to Event 360?  

The opportunity to combine my passion for fitness and events into one role! I love producing walks, runs, or any type of physical challenge event.    

If you weren’t working at Event 360 what would you be doing?  

Definitely a fitness instructor. 

Favorite part of your job?  

The relationships we form with our clients, their staff and volunteers are really great. I love having conversations with our clients and hearing them say they’re happy we’ve been hired to help produce their event!   

What do you like to do in your free time?  

I love to do yoga and anything around water! Going to the beach, pool, or boating. I love it all.  

Most memorable event experience?  

Working the beer tents at Lollapalooza when I was in college!   

You’re showing off your hometown to a friend who has never been to visit before. What’s on your must-see/do/eat list?  

Chicago has so much to do! 

Morning paddle board at North Ave. beach. Grab a patio seat at Gibson’s or Tavern in the Gold Coast for brunch. Bleacher seats and a hot dog with poppy seed bun at Wrigley Field for a Cubs game. Boat day in the playpen. Sunset rooftop drinks at Sixteen or J. Parker. Dinner at Gibson’s Italia, Aba or Au Cheval. There are WAY too many amazing restaurants to name! 

On event, what three things are we guaranteed to find in your bag? 

Hand sanitizer, sunscreen and zip ties.  

One word to describe Event 360?  


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