At Event 360 we work hard and play hard. We travel the country going from one event to the next, and in the process we tumble upon some really great places in the cities we work. Be it a restaurant, music venue or book store (to name a few), we have found some must-see attractions and we want to share them with you.
Today, Lauren Pike, Local Operations Manager, tells us about one of her favorite spots in Atlanta!

Name: Antico Pizza Napoletana

Full address: 1093 Hemphill Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30318


What makes this place worth stopping in? I have a rule about venturing away from the hotel to eat (if time allows) when traveling for work and was very lucky to have a few hours before I needed to leave for the airport after an event in Atlanta last year. At the suggestion of my co-worker, Jillian, we headed over to Westside to share a pizza at Antico. This is hardly a hidden gem – the line was out the door on a Sunday afternoon – but they move quickly and the wait was worth it. Within 20 minutes we found ourselves sitting in the barebones dining room enjoying what was easily one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. Their crust is chewy and slightly charred (thanks to three massive pizza ovens imported from Italy) with high-quality toppings at a very affordable price. They don’t allow substitutions or serve alcohol but I’ve heard a rumor that they are BYOB so plan accordingly.

Must see/do/eat/can’t miss? The food was wonderful but, honestly, half the experience is just eating here. The crowded communal tables, the open kitchen with the smiling crew furiously turning out pizzas, and a contagious energy that permeates the space all contribute to an unforgettable meal. On my last visit, I thoroughly enjoyed the Verdura (with broccoli rabe, mushrooms, Pomodoro tomatoes, and garlic) but whatever you order, you’re sure to leave happy!

Anything else? If you have a sweet tooth, I’d recommend stopping across the street at their sister location, Caffe Antico, for delicious gelato, coffee, and pastries in a charming setting.

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