As we begin the summer season, outdoor events can feel like an entirely different beast compared to indoor events, when it comes to logistics. To make sure you’re fully prepared for all your summer event needs, we asked our staff to share their tried-and-true event tips to make your event planning feel like an easy, summer breeze! 

When planning your summer events, it’s crucial to consider the safety and comfort of your runners, walkers, or riders. But remember to take care of your volunteers, too! Keep a stash of water on hand at the Volunteer Tent, and make sure anyone who will be out in the sun/heat for any extended period of time (course marshals, for example) takes a few bottles with them to where they’re stationed. I always keep some cans of sunscreen and bug spray at the Volunteer Tent too, and make sure my volunteers are covered before heading out to their shifts. If you will have volunteers positioned out on the far reaches of your course, exchange phone numbers so you can alert them about impending bad weather or other immediate issues, and so they can reach you if they need support of any kind during the event (this is a good tip any time of year, not just summer!).” Erin Piafsky, Volunteer Programs Manager 

Order more ice and water than you think. I typically order double. Place portable toilets in the shade when possible. Finally, plan for relocation in case of summer thunderstorms!” Meredith Parker, Event Production Manager 

“We love the bees, just not bee stings on event! Keep trash bins away from team tents or areas where participants will gather for prolonged periods of time. This will make both the participants and the bees happy! Second, if you have a photo op at your event, take a moment to think about where/how the light will hit it during your event. Event day pictures are so important; those pesky shadows from trees or tents can sometimes ruin an otherwise great photo. And position any step-and-repeat or other photo op area so that participants aren’t forced to look directly into the sun while they are posing” Abbie Peterson, Marketing and Social Media Manager 

“When deciding on the placement of portable restrooms, you want to make sure that they’re close by, easy to access and within sightline of participants. I also ask myself, ‘what’s something that most people would take a picture of?’ Often, that’s the stage, so I’ll try to keep the portable restrooms out of frame. Don’t forget your rain jackets and headlamps for those early mornings, too!” Aaron Gingras, Event Production Coordinator 

SUNSCREEN! I always go for straight-up zinc (whether I’m surfing or working, it keeps my face safe and sunburn-free!). Also bucket hats aren’t just a fashion statement, they give you more sun protection than a baseball cap. Next, always prepare for the unexpected (afternoon rain showers are a 50/50 chance in the southeastern states.) Raincoats and boots can take up a lot of space in your luggage so opt for ponchos and wear your cute little rainboots onto the plane when traveling around for events. Finally, hydration packs and your favorite protein bar are a must-have in your fanny pack!” Mel Fischer, Event Production Coordinator 


What tips have helped your summer events run smoothly? Share with us!

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