Are you spying on your donors?

Predictive analytics — the science of identifying and cultivating new donors by analyzing characteristics of existing donors — has become indispensable to many nonprofits according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. Most fund-raisers say the technology works. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to……

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There is no such thing as a social media strategy

“There is no such thing as a social media strategy—only marketing strategy. Social media is another channel, one of many, for making the connection and building the relationship with [donors]. These channels have value on their own, but they should also be used to complement other marketing channels.” That’s the……

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Event Fundraising Strategy versus Tactics

Have you ever been told that you are not thinking or acting strategically?  How about that your event fundraising program is a tactic looking for a strategy?  Often, we use the terms strategy and tactics interchangeably, but what’s the actual difference? Breakdown: The Difference between Strategy and Tactics Strategy…

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Accelerating the Ask

Tom Suddes wants you to stop calling yourself a nonprofit (or a not-for-profit). “Right off the bat you are defining yourself in the negative and limiting what you can accomplish. Define your organization as “for-impact.” Define what you’re for, what your impact and vision are, and the real message you……

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Inbound Marketing Your Fundraising Event

You’ve done your homework and established that there’s a business case to launch a new run, walk or ride fundraising event for your nonprofit.  You’ve identified your target audience, you’ve developed a positioning statement that clearly articulates the position you want your event to occupy in the target audience’s mind,……

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6 Tips for a Better Event

Are you tired of fundraisers that don’t raise any funds? What about awareness events that don’t generate any awareness? When planning your next event, don’t start with a budget, date or venue. Plan your event in this six step order to ensure success. Clarify your mission – Many of you……

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Shining Star

Joshua Hoffman of Weston, Florida is only seven years old, but he’s already a fundraising superhero (and blogger!).  Joshua was born four months early and came into the world weighing only one pound, 11 ounces.  He had to fight hard for survival during his 14 weeks… Read More

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Remembering Dr. Bob

The fight against breast cancer lost a fierce advocate earlier this week.  Bob Kirshbaum, a long-time friend and endless supporter of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, passed away on Thursday. We got to know and love Dr. Bob through his wife, a fundraising superhero in her own……

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