What’s one of the first things attendees see when they arrive on event day? Signage, of course! Effective event signage plays a vital role in creating a memorable experience for attendees, guiding them through the event space and delivering key messages that are important to your mission. From directional signs to branded tent banners, every element of event signage requires careful consideration. In this blog post, we’ll explore the essential tips for signage best practices that will elevate your event’s visual appeal and maximize its impact.  

Keep Your Zip Ties Close but Your Snips Closer 

Zip ties are our favorite way to secure event signage to various fixtures and structures like pipes and poles. However, leaving excess zip tie lengths can detract from the overall aesthetics and pose safety hazards. To ensure a clean appearance, you should cut zip ties as close to the base as possible, after you’ve confirmed your sign is in the right spot and ready to be secured. This attention to detail eliminates any dangling ends, providing a sleeker and more polished look to your signage, and also minimizes the risk of any attendees getting poked, ensuring a safer environment for everyone! No incident reports needed.

Elevate Your Signage Game 

When it comes to event signage, visibility is paramount. Hanging signage above eye level ensures that it catches attendees’ attention from a distance, even amidst an enthusiastic, bustling crowd. It also creates an unobstructed line of sight, allowing attendees to easily spot and read the messages conveyed. This is especially important for directional signs, sponsor and team recognition, and important event information. Your participants recruited and fundraised for you, so let their hard work shine! 

To implement this best practice effectively, consider the height and dimensions of your event space. The optimal positioning of signage can vary depending on the venue and the expected foot traffic. Experiment with different heights during load-in to find the sweet spot that maximizes visibility while maintaining a smooth visual flow within your event site. We highly recommend store-front signage, where your signs are above the tent flaps and consistently placed in the same position across all tents (more information in the next tip below). 

Hang Tent Signage Like a Pro 

When it comes to hanging tent signage, our #1 piece of advice is to utilize pipe and drape poles to create a store-front look. The structure provided by the poles allows for a taut and clean display above your tent flaps, preventing sagging or wrinkling of the signage material that could occur if you hung a banner directly on the tent or in some other method. Secure your signage to the pipe and drape poles using zip ties (cut those ends!), attach the pipe and drape poles to the front ends of your tent and you’re ready to go in just a few minutes with signage that is… *chef’s kiss* 

By implementing these best practices, you can significantly improve the visual impact and effectiveness of your signage. Especially after you worked all year to get signs created and ordered in time for your event! Remember to: 

  1. Cut zip ties close to the base 
  2. Hang signage above eye level 
  3. Utilize pipe and drape poles for taut tent signage 

These simple yet impactful strategies will help you leave an A+ lasting impression that will keep your participants and sponsors coming back for more! 


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