Are you ready? We know we are!

2021—Let’s Go.

After a year away from anything resembling true live events, we see 2021 as a relaunch into a space that people are craving in a major way. They want to be able to get together in a smart and safe way.

They want their sports.

They want their concerts.

Their movies. Graduations. Weddings.

And yes, their ability to do events FOR GOOD in their communities.

At Event 360, we are ready to bring our experience to this new environment and help our clients reenter the space in a smart and safe way.

It can be done. And we at Event 360 can help you do it.

As things continue to unfold and we continue to progress through 2021, the vaccine continues to roll out and we’re able to begin shifting back to “normal,” we think organizations hosting live events are going to dive in all at once in the fall and compete for limited spots and resources in a revitalized live event market.

The event space is going to be very crowded, and the organizations that are ready to be bold, creative, and enter the space now in a smart and safe way will find success.

Those who wait may see another year of being stuck in a cluttered world of virtual events as people are ready to get out and be together.

We want to help you succeed and bring your live events back to the people who want them the most. Together, we can make your vision come true in a smart and safe way in 2021.

2021—LET’S GO!

Tim Brockman

As one of our co-founders, Tim Brockman brings more than 20 years in the event operations industry to Event 360 and in addition to leading the team that has planned and executed some of the country’s most successful fundraising events, he has managed events for international performing artists including Phil Collins, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne and Genesis.

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